chapter 3 Lesson 1 Fly Fishing Casting Instructor Certification Introduction-Part2
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This chapter is primarily designed to aid the individual who is attempting to pass the Fly Fishers International casting instructor exam. However, any intermediate caster who wants to improve, or is teaching casting, will find these lessons very valuable. This chapter is comprised of 26 lessons. 

There are 16 lessons that deal with the various casts or casting skills. These lessons illustrate the skill and then break it down into smaller pieces that are taught incrementally and sequentially.  

There are six lessons that deal with teaching tasks 16-22 specifically. These lessons emphasize the casting principles that comprise the basics of all casts. Each principle is illustrated using a specific teaching scenario. 

There are four other lessons the deal exclusively with teaching including how to teach the double wall and roll cash. 

There is one final lesson that illustrates the use of video to enhance the acquisition of casting skills. 

When used in conjunction with Chapter 1,( fundamentals of casting), and Chapter 2,( intermediate casts), this chapter  provides all but the most advanced individual with the foundations necessary to become an advanced fly caster. Chapter 1 and chapter 2 are both excellent supplements for the CI candidate. Chapter 1 especially provides insights and specific drills that allow for understanding the casting mechanics involved in teaching fly casting. Chapter 1 will prove to be invaluable when the candidate begins working on tasks 16 – 22. 

Lesson one consists of three introduction videos. Part one is “getting started”. What equipment, etc. will the candidate need.  Part 2 deals with developing a plan that will prepare the candidate for the exam. Part 3 deals with how to approach the exam itself. 

This series of videos will provide the CI candidate with all of the information needed to pass the exam. This system has proven to be instrumental in dozens of candidates passing CIA exam.

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