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Curve Casts

The  curve cast covers many of the same basic purpose as a reach mend, but the curve cast is a reach mend on steroids!! In this video we will detail exactly how to make five different versions of this “super cast”. For how this cast can actually be used on the water see Chapter 4.


Casting Weighted Lines and Heavy Flies

Casting tungsten coated sinking lines open up a new frontier for many fly fishers.. Casting heavy flies or large wind resistant flies is also an area many fly fishers never explore. By avoiding these options the angler is cheating themselves of some fabulous fishing opportunities. One of the reasons people don’t cast these rigs is […]


Tailing Loops

Many anglers create what are called wind knots. These knots, while often exaggerated because of wind, are not caused by the wind. They are caused by tailing loops. This video shows the student exactly what causes a tailing loop and how to correct these annoying problems. The student may also want to look at more […]


Combination Casts

By combining roll casts and constant tension casts with casts like reach mends, curve casts, and slack line casts an angler is able to perform those presentation casts without making a long back cast. Obstructions and wind can both prevent a normal back cast. By combining these casts the angler is able to catch more […]


Advanced Accuracy

Being able to cast long distances in the wind, and in any direction accurately, requires a tremendous amount of foundational skill. In order to master this skill many of the other skills in chapters 1 and 2 will be necessary. This lesson illustrates some great drills that one can do in order to improve their […]


Wind Casts

Wind casting is pretty much a requirement in many of the worlds fishing environments. A person who spends the time and money to travel to fishing destinations, and is unable to cast effectively in the wind, is a high stakes gambler! Those who are especially traveling to expensive destinations and staying in fishing lodges, or […]



Drifting is a rather sophisticated skill that many advanced fly casters use to cast farther, smoother, and easier. This video describes what drifting is, and how to practice learning to do it. Drifting is an important sub skill utilized by many long distance casters.


Quick Casts

These casts are used when fishing to moving fish like bonefish and redfish. There are many fundamental skills that need to be mastered before most anglers will be able to execute an effective quick cast. This cast, more than any other, requires many of the skills covered in chapters 1 and 2. Once those basic […]


Constant Tension Casts

The family of constant tension casts have multiple uses when casting heavy flies, sinking lines, nymph rigs, or when casting in the wind. I find that when fishing trout environments I use the role cast, reach mend, and some variation of the constant tension cast 80% of the time. Learning these casts will expand your […]