Exercises for Fly Fishers

Young or old, male or female, staying fit can make all the difference in where we can fish, how long we can fish, and how well we can cast. This is a series of exercises I've been doing for over 20 years. The emphasis is on balance and muscle…


This video details some of the more common casting problems and how to solve them. How do we recognize a problem? How do we know what causes it ? How can we correct it? Find the answers here! 

Practice Suggestions

So you don't have time to get out on the water? What to do? Maybe go to the nearest park and practice casting!  This lesson gives the fly caster lots of ideas how to use practice to improve their casting, and therefore  catch more fish. An…


Sometimes we need to place a fly in a very precise place, for instance between bushes or under docks. This video gives the angler some fun activities to play with and at the same time improve their accuracy. There are many times when fishing…


What is meant by tracking and how can it affect our casts what can we do to correct improper or harmful tracking? These questions are answered, and exercises provided, to give the student an understanding of tracking and how to control it.…

Off Shoulder Casting

What happens when we can't make a cast off our dominant shoulder? Wind and obstructions sometimes prevent us from doing so. This lesson helps the anglers learn to gain confidence and improve efficiency at casting off the opposite shoulder. By…

The Back Cast

An often neglected aspect of the fly cast is the back cast. (out of sight out of mind?) The truth is that when the forward cast is flawed it is almost always a function of a poor back cast. This series of exercises will allow the student to…

Extending Line

If we have a fish out at 50 feet and we need to strip line off the reel and extend line to that fish how do we do that? Not only that, but how do we do it as quickly as possible? One absolute rule of fishing: you can't catch a fish unless your…

Tip Casting

Tim Rajeff brought to my attention the importance of this  series of drills. a A sub skill often ignored is being able to control rod tip. In this lesson the participant will be taught some fun exercises to enhance their ability to control…

False Casting

Why do we false cast? For the beginning angler even knowing what false casting is ill be important. By incrementally combining exercises 2 through 6 we begin to cast like “A River Runs Through It” .   In the long run it will be much…