CI or MCI Prep Camp

$1295.00 | January through April 2019 | Tampa, Florida

Individual Casting Instruction | Individual FFI MCI | CI Test Prep Instruction

Package: Includes 2 nights and 2 days of CI/MCI Prep, lodging, all meals, transportation to and from Tampa International Airport, and to and from casting venues.

Travel Options: Students typically fly in the evening before the Camp and fly out the evening of the second day. A second option would be to fly in the evening before the Camp and leave the morning after the second day, in which case you will need to pay for the 3rd night in the hotel. A third option is flying in early the first day of the camp and flying out the evening of the second day, in which case we would deduct the price of one night at the hotel from your fee.

Program: 8 – 9 hours of CI/MCI Prep daily. Participants will receive materials with instructional information and practice/teaching drills, an individual assessment, and a suggested practice routine. Instruction will be individualized to the student’s needs and will include the student’s goals and expectations. Discussion regarding the written test and potential examiner questions will also be covered.

Lodging: You will be staying at a local hotel in Tampa, with complimentary breakfast.

Fishing: Wade fishing to practice using the casts to fish may be available if time and weather allow.

Equipment: Bring waders and a “testing” rod, plus a 6 – 7 weight streamer rod with a 10 – 20ft. sinking tip, and a 5 wt. dry fly rod. We can provide waders, appropriate rods, and reels. Let us know what you need.

Meals: Individualized sandwiches will be your lunch fare along with fruit, chips, and cookies. Barbara Mazzarella will prepare home-cooked dinners. Special dietary needs can usually be accommodated. Participants will need to purchase their own alcoholic beverages.

Note: All lodging, meals, and transportation are included.