Casting Instruction Testimonials

Dayle, Barbara, I just wanted to say thank you for the great experience I had at the CCI Prep Camp last week. You both were so attentive to every detail to make it a superb experience for me from the pick-up and drop off at the airport to the daily shuttles from the hotel to the casting field. Barbara, the meals were great, and I particularly enjoyed the personalization of the delicious sandwich lunches at the Ham’s Fork.
The instruction was outstanding and the use of the video analysis of my casting really brought home multiple errors in my casting that definitely needed attention. I really appreciate the recommendations for correction of those errors and your persistence in seeing that I got it right.
I was casting with a group of friends today and they were amazed at the resulting improvement in the loop shape and consistency of my cast. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to cast with you.

JoeThe Woodlands, Texas

Dayle’s casting videos are pure treasure. His expertise as an educator and as a certified MCI come through in the instructional videos. The skills are presented in a well thought-out format that is clear, concise and easily practiced. Nowhere else will you find a more thorough treatment on learning the fundamental casting skills.

Jeff Graham

I have had the great privilege of teaching, learning and fishing with Dayle Mazzarella for about 10 years now. In all that time, every event and every fishing trip with Dayle has been packed with a wealth of knowledge, that has enhanced my own journey to become a better instructor, caster and angler. Dayle’s vast background in teaching and angling has always shines through on all his instructional videos. I would like to add that Dayle has been very supportive of my passion, which is managing a World Wide Certified Instructors Study Group for FFI CI Candidates. Our study group membership also include FFI CI, MCI, & BOG instructors. We have relied heavily on Dayle’s teaching expertise for the last 8 years. His instructional video’s produced for our CI Performance Test-Exam have been exceptional. As an FFI Certified Instructor, CI Study Group Monitor and avid Fly Angler, I highly recommend getting Dayle’s instructional videos for your casting and angling journey.

Gary Davison

Dayle and Barbara Mazzarella’s Casting Instructor and Master Casting Instructor preparation camps are truly amazing!  I know of no better way to accelerate your casting performance, teaching skills, and fishing techniques than to attend camp.  You will learn a ton, clearly understand what you need to do to pass, and have an awesome time….not to mention the world class trout fishing where you will internalize the casts you will teach, delicious food, exceptional professionalism and courtesy, and camaraderie with other candidates are also top notch!  I provide my strongest recommendation to any candidate desiring to become certified!  Simply put, I would not have passed without attending.

John AdametzMCI

I have had the good fortune, of being able to attend 2 of Dayle and Barbara Mazzarella’s Fly Casting Instructional courses, while at the 2016 and 2017 FFI Fair, in Livingston Montana, Dayle and Barbara make a great team and I must say they are a pleasure to be around.  Both courses were 8 hours and I was very impressed with how informative, and well prepared each aspect of the day went, you  can tell they have done their homework. You can just look at their YouTube channel to see how professional they are!!

Dayle is one of the best Fly Casting Instructor’s I know.  He is very knowledgeable and patient and his passion in helping others comes through.   Dayle has helped me improve my fly casting and there is no doubt, upon taking a lesson from Dayle, you will also walk away a better caster.

Thanks Dayle and Barbara!!


I’ve had the opportunity to attend several casting events with Dayle in the past year or so and have learned a great deal.  I already had my C.I. designation but Dayle has opened my eyes to how much my skills needed to improve.  His teaching methods have particularly assisted me in my efforts to mentor a group of C.I. candidates over the past year.  I would encourage all the existing C.I.’s to never neglect to follow a continuing education path.  Dayle’s videos on the internet would be a great place to start !

Ray Johnson

Dayle and Barb,

Fond memories! Dayle you taught me so much and even now as I get ready for my test next month, I’m reviewing your notes. I still think of that big rainbow you caught while demonstrating how you can fish while throwing tailing loops! Barb, you’re the best, picking us up in Salt Lake, fixing our meals and running the operation…Thank You

Best Wishes

Doug Bobb

I have had the opportunity to assist Dayle with the Spey related tasks in a  couple of his MCI instructional camps and was very impressed with his teaching methods and thoughtful disection of each particular task and the attention he gave each attending student.

If you are seriously pursuing your FFI single hand certification, I certainly recommend his camp for the instruction related to each and every task and relevant examiner expectations.

The other bonuses are the delicious meals prepared by Barbara and the evening fishing for big fat Rainbows!

Well worth the price of admission!

Lee DavisonFFI Master Casting Instructor, FFI Two Handed Casting Instructor, Sr. World Champion Spey Caster

I have known Dayle for several years now and I have not come across anyone with the knowledge and passion that Dayle has for Fly Fishing. He is a teacher at heart. You will learn to cast and ultimately catch fish with him.

John BoyerTampa

I was fortunate to have spent a day in Mr. Mazzarella’s casting and instruction clinics. Dayle was thoroughly organized and more than knowledgeable about casting mechanics and the best way to teach them. He builds on one skill after another allowing time for students to practice and answering all questions, usually with a helpful demonstration. Feedback after practice is encouraged as a way of promoting understanding and mastery through additional drills as needed, the class instruction being supplemented by drills and exercises the students take home to use in their practice. Dayle showed a ready willingness to work with all the students regardless of their ability and was quick to analyze casting flaws and make corrections besides directing students to their next achievement. You will rarely if ever find a casting instructor so devoted to the methodology of instruction, so knowledgeable about and accomplished in casting mechanics, and so attentive to the needs of the student and their desire to improve as flyfishers than Mr. Mazzarella. I continue to learn so much through his instruction. He is a godsend to our sport.

Jerry Curtis

We have fished with Dayle for the last 4 years. When we needed brushing up, he would hold a short clinic if needed, then off we go. Other times we just go fishing. Dayle is very knowledgeable and spends the time being sure that our presentations are correct to hook fish. He has a great since of humor and works very hard to make the experience wonderful. He is the only guide that I know that is a certified casting instructor and it shows as he will help tweak my presentations and entice a bite. He knows the rivers well and if the water level is too high, he always knows of other places that work.

Larry and Carmen George

Barbara and Dayle,

What a delight it was to spend time with the two of you during my last visit to Kemmer, Wyoming and the Ham’s Fork!

I have been blessed to have fished from the Appalachians to the Pacific Northwest, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana and many other locations over the last forty years.  I must say that I have never encountered more large, spirited, aerial acrobats than those rainbows of the Hams Fork.  They are special!

The time fishing, watching Dylan Cast, and instruction from both Dylan and you was outstanding.  I can hardly wait for my next trip.  See you in June.  A big Thank You, to you all!

Joe BurtonThe Woodlands, Texas

I attended Dayle’s pre CCI prep camp in June of 2018. I was welcomed at the airport with open arms by his wife, Barbara. Their nephew collected us the first morning of the 3 day camp and he delivered us to Dayle who was equally welcoming when we arrived at the camp. The camp was an intense 3 day program with casting instruction, lunch at the trailer, guided fishing to put teachings to use finishing of with a delicious home cooked meal prepared by Barbara. The evenings were rounded off with discussions of teaching and what was learned during the course of the day. I learned an incredible amount from Dayle as well as those assisting him. In August of 2018 I challenged the CCI exam in Livingston and Passed at my first attempt! I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to excel at fly casting and who wants to pass the CCI Exam. Thanks Dayle and Barbara!

Allard van Everdingen