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Fly Fishing International Casting Instructor Certification Exam — These 26 lessons are primarily designed to aid the individual who is attempting to pass the Fly Fishers International casting instructor exam. However, any intermediate fly fisherman who wants to improve their casting, or is teaching casting, will find these lessons very valuable. There are 16 lessons that deal with the various casts or casting skills that one will need to know. These lessons illustrate the skill and then breaks each skill down into smaller pieces that are taught incrementally and sequentially. There are six lessons that deal with teaching tasks. These lessons emphasize the casting principles that comprise the basics of all casts. Each principle is illustrated using a specific teaching scenario. There final four lessons deal exclusively with teaching casting techniques, including how to teach the double haul and roll cast.

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    • jgraham
      jgraham says:

      I ask because I am wary about giving the rod to the examiner during the test without also having my hand on it. Can we expect the examiner to ‘behave’ if we give him the rod on a teaching task?

      Apparently putting a rod in the hand of the examiner is optional, at least for Task 19, according to the up-to-date interactive study guide.



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